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Superintendent's Message

In this month’s Superintendent’s Spotlight, I’m thrilled to celebrate Lorena Dickson for her remarkable dedication and years of service to her students. Lorena’s journey as an educator began with a childhood dream of transforming the classroom into a sanctuary of learning, acceptance, and enthusiasm. Join me in congratulating Lorena Dickson as our District Teacher of the Year! Lorena’s positive and nurturing classroom environment is the product of intentional efforts from day one. Through activities that foster community and encourage individuality, she has created a space where every student feels valued and heard. Her commitment to open communication and genuine interest in her students' lives, coupled with clear boundaries promoting kindness and respect, exemplifies the special atmosphere at Gilbert Elementary and the appreciation that the families have for their educators. Outside the classroom, Lorena enjoys exploring the world with her husband, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering. Whether traveling, engaging with her church community, or relaxing on a beach, she carries the spirit of adventure and service with her. We are so grateful to Lorena for her unwavering commitment to education and the exceptional influence she has on our district. Her ability to see and nurture the potential in every student is what makes Lorena an extraordinary teacher!

Dr. Julienne Lee


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