Counseling Newsletter for Week of May 11

Hello Families! It is hard to believe that it is now already May! During the second week of May, we wanted to focus on kindness because now more than ever, kindness is needed in the world! With all the stressors with this crisis, we know that many people would appreciate acts and words of kindness to help boost up their day!

We know it is sometimes difficult to remember to be kind to others, especially with our own busy lives, but we hope that we can strive to practice kindness everyday! In this newsletter, we have attached kindness activities that can be practiced at any age! We encourage you to try to do kindness activities everyday this week with your children and see the positive effects it has not just on others but for yourselves!

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you need help or advice with anything! We are here to support you in whatever way possible!