Buena Park School District Unveils New Mosaic at Wellness Garden

Whitaker School showcased new mosaic artwork for its Wellness Garden, created to complement blooming plant life and edible vegetation while honoring student horticulturalists during an Earth Day celebration on April 22.

The new mosaic, which depicts a boy and girl watering and planting seeds under a vibrant sun, was funded through an $8,000 grant from the Orange County Department of Education, United Way, BayWa Re, America on Track and Kid Healthy. The celebration was also livestreamed via YouTube, allowing students and families to enjoy the garden’s new addition virtually.

“The garden and mosaic are all about healthy living in Buena Park School District – for our student’s minds, bodies and souls,” Whitaker School Principal Stephanie Williamson said. “I tell my students that they are like the plants in the garden – with assistance they will grow stronger and better.”

The mosaic was created by Katherine England, Myra Allen and Nancy Francis from All the Arts for All the Children Foundation, a Fullerton-based volunteer organization that advocates for extracurricular art activities.

“We wanted the mosaic to reflect the demographics of the school and the boy and girl figures to be powerful while being bright and attractive,” England said. “We also wanted to create something that would be inspiring to every child and adult that sees it.”

Wellness Garden Coordinator Marilyn Shadaram said the garden is an oasis for the community, serving as a refuge for students who want to immerse themselves in nature to learn about how plants and animals live and grow.

“We are so proud of Whitaker School for providing our students with a fun way to learn about plant, animal and insect life through first-hand experience,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “This new mosaic is a perfect addition to the school’s Wellness Garden that represents the care our students have for nature.”


BUENAPARK_GARDEN1: Whitaker School Principal Stephanie Williamson showcases her school’s new art mosaic at the Wellness Garden during an Earth Day celebration. The art was funded by an $8,000 grant from the Orange County Department of Education, United Way, BayWa Re, America on Track and Kid Healthy.