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Introduction: Language Learner Toolkit


What is the BPSD Language Learner Toolkit?


   The BPSD Language Learner Toolkit is an online bank of resources for BPSD teachers, leaders, and staff to better support students and families learning multiple languages. All resources can be viewed, downloaded, or printed according to need. The Toolkit was created to provide a variety of resources to reflect and meet the needs of our diverse language learner community.





Who is the BPSD Language Learner Toolkit for?


   This Toolkit was created for anyone who teaches, works with, and supports students & families who are language learners. Featured resources will also be available to families and our community at large.




What Resources are in the Language Learner Toolkit?

 The Toolkit is divided into eight sections:

   (1) Data and Context

   (2) Supporting Newcomers

   (3) Resources for Teachers

   (4) Resources for School Leadership

   (5) Resources for School Staff

   (6) Resources to Share with Families

   (7) List of Community Resources

   (8) Culturally Relevant Booklist




 How can I view the Resources in the BPSD Language Learner Toolkit?


  1.     Go to the BPSD district website at https://www.bpsd.us/
  2.     Move your mouse over the STAFF tab. Click "English Language Learner Toolkit"
  3.     Click on the desired section for resources.





Why was the BPSD ELL Toolkit Created?


  The BPSD Language Learner Toolkit was created to:

  1. Ensure that our district staff has the resources to support the diverse needs of Language Learners.

  2. Identify and share resources that best support our students and staff, so our Language Learners can achieve to their highest potential when developing academic and socio-emotional skills.

  3. To carry out the CA English Learner Roadmap Policy(2017) as well as the BPSD LCAP (Local Control& Accountability Plan) goals in a way that reflects our community strengths and needs.



Who can I contact for questions or comments?
  • Soo Jin Choi (EL TOSA) at schoi@bpsd.us

  • Michelle Centeno (Director of Educational Programs) at mcenteno@bpsd.us

  • To  leave your questions, comments, or requests please click on "Questions or Comments or Request for Resources" Section on the bottom of the left menu.

Special Acknowledgments: 
Erika Claudio, Family Services Specialist - Collection and creation of resources
Soo jin Choi, EL TOSA - Collection and creation of resources, concept development, organization and design
Esther Noh, Curriculum & Instruction TOSA - Curriculum & Instruction Support and Training
Michelle Centeno, Director of Educational Programs