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Section 4: Resources for School Leadership


Resources for school leaders to facilitate professional learning & promote  a welcoming and engaging environment for our diverse community


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Description of Resources
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
A toolkit created by the U.S. Department of Education for district, school leaders and teachers to engage newcomers and families. Each chapter offers research and practical steps to make our school campus a welcoming place for all learners
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
The EL Roadmap Policy was passed by the State Board of Education on July 12, 2017. This policy is intended to assist the California Department of Education in providing guidance to local educational agencies in welcoming, understanding, and educating the diverse population of students who are English learners attending California public schools. It includes overview, current research findings, California’s Vision of Success for English Learners, and outlines Four Principles to Support English Learner’s Success.
Parent Engagement
Two page document with language directly from the CA Dept of Ed. Website on ELAC Requirements, Responsibilities, Composition Requirements, Elections, and Training of ELAC members. 
4. English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) Information 
Parent Engagement
Parent Friendly Flyer for all school sites that lists ELAC meeting times and dates for the 2018-2019 school year.
5. BPSD First Days of School
Newcomer Guide for Teachers


Newcomer Support

District created resource for all BPSD teachers. Features Goals, Possible Steps, and Tools for teachers to support Newcomer students on the first days of school.


Elementary Newcomer Guide


6. Welcome to Our Schools
Customized Flyer by school for Families
Parent Engagement / Newcomer Support

School Fact Sheets that includes customized school address, phone number, staff and leadership information. You can write name of student, teacher name & room #. 


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7. BPSD ELD Standards Check List
Academic Support
PDF Checklist of 2012 CA ELD Standards with notes section. Can be  used for planning units across content areas.
8. 2012 CA ELD Standards Cards
By Grade Level
Academic Support 

PDF Checklist of 2012 CA ELD Standards to use for planning and teaching units across content areas.

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
9. Promoting The Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures (2017)
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
Full text copy of a publication by The National Academy of Sciences (2017) with most current date, research, and implications around the success of students who are English Learners. Recommendations are made for programs, effective practices, and teacher support.  
10.Building Welcoming Schools: A Guide for K-12 Educators
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
This toolkit from Welcoming America to promote welcoming schools and participate in Welcoming America’s Welcoming Week. This toolkit encourages all educators and community leaders to promote an inclusive school environment.
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
Offers twenty big ideas to help leaders to create a new ELL family engagement plan, and organized around six themes. Each theme has information, reflection, strategies and examples.
12.Immigrant Parents and Early Childhood Programs: Addressing Barriers of Literacy, Culture, and Systems Knowledge
Newcomer Support /Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
This publication provides the research and framework to ensure that immigrant parents are supported, as parents may face significant barriers as they try to engage with their children’s early educational experiences. 
Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
This publication features data collected from 40 school districts throughout all regions of California in 2009-2010 on 175,734 secondary students who are English Learners. Provides: Major Findings, Promising Approaches, and Systems Issues and Policy Recommendations.  
14.A Resource Toolkit to Help Newcomer Parents with Various Online Resources (State of Washington)
Newcomer Support
Publication with a list of resources with active links by the State of Washington. Created to orient and equip families with information to navigate the school system and to increase school integration and engagement. An example of systematic and statewide support for newcomer students and families.
15.Communication Tools
Newcomer Support/ Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
Basic Communication Tools that can be used in the office, classroom, and other learning spaces by all staff. 
Newcomer Support
Basic Communication sheet with class/school related English words and phrases with picture support. This tool can be used to when communicating with parents of language learners.   
Academic Support
Link to all 2017-2018 training resources provided by Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) on ELD instruction. Link provide by OCDE.  
Lists frequently asked questions about student rights, staff rights, and parent’s rights around the topic of immigration from the CA Association of School Administrators. 
19.The First Days: Engaging Newcomer ELLS in the Classroom Community (2013)
Newcomer Support
In this 8 page article, the authors describe some of the social and linguistic issues that face newly arrived ELLs, such as culture shock and the silent period. Includes suggestions for helping newcomers access content, establishing connections to parents, and recognizing the learning resources that newcomers bring to their peers and to their teachers are explored.
20.Building Welcoming Schools: A Guide for K-12 Educators
Newcomer Support/ Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
This toolkit features interactive classroom activities to welcome newcomer students. Gives specific directions for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students with printable pages and activities title:
  • Welcoming Stories
  • Literature Circles
  • “Where is our Nation From…”
  • Where does your Name Come From
  • Friendship, Music, and Games
  • Dreaming Together
21. 12 Ways to Support English Learners 
Academic Support
3 page article by Jenifer Gonzales that gives tips on 12 things you can do to improve instruction for students who are English Learners.
Newcomer Support/  Socio-emotional Support
Two page article on how to better create welcoming social and physical environments, engage students, and pointers to for school leadership and partnering with families 
23.Fostering Empathetic Children
Socio-emotional Support
This 2 page article from Talkingislearning.org that shows 6 ways adults can foster empathy in students
24.Noticing Signs of Adjustment Difficulty Checklist
Socio-emotional Support
Three page article that features how to notice signs of adjustment difficulties and/or show signs of trauma as well as ideas on strategies on how to help students who are struggling at school. Features tips on how to support, prevent, and equip teachers and school community to better assist students with needs
25.Social-Emotional Research Background
Socio-emotional Support
2 page article from Talkingislearning.org on what the research says about social emotional development of students and how adults can be a support.
26.Benefits of Being Bilingual
Academic Support/ Parent Engagement
2 page article on how students benefit by learning two or more languages on cognitive development, learning, social emotional development, and long term success from Talkingislearning.org
27. Surviving Culture Shock
Socio-emotional Support/ Academic Support
2 page article on how to support students that are dealing with Culture Shock. Explains what culture shock is, the stages of culture shock, symptoms, and how to help students.
28. 5 Stages of Language Acquisition
Socio-emotional Support/  Academic Support
Article that features a diagram and short description of each stage of Language Acquisition
29.How to Create a Welcoming Classroom Environment
Socio-emotional Support/ Newcomer Support
2 page article that features 13 ways you can make a newcomer in the classroom feel welcome
30.Teaching Restorative Practices with Classroom Circles 
Socio-emotional Support/  Academic Support
This comprehensive document is a guide to introduce and implement Community Circles in the classroom to create an open and inclusive environment where students feel validated and heard. Divided into chapters including:
  • Introduction to Classroom Circles
  • Part One: Skills of Circle Keeping
  • Part Two: Varieties of Circle Formats and Circles for Community Building
  • Part Three: Teaching Skills and Setting Things Right (includes Lesson plans)
31. Basic English Phrases and Word Bank for Students with Picture Support 

Academic Support/ Newcomer Support

PDF bank of Basic English phrases for students who are newcomers with picture support. Includes: Greetings, Asking for permission, Needs, Other useful phrases, School/classroom vocabulary.

Academic Support/ Socio-emotional Support
One page color graphic on the ways teachers can provide emotional scaffolds by reducing content related stress and community related stress.
33.Growth Mindset Resources
Socio-emotional Support/  Academic Support
“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”
( Dweck, 2015, Stanford).
Research has shown that teachers and students with GM achieve better than those who do not. 
34. ELPAC Resources
Academic Support/ Parent Engagement
English Learner Test (ELPAC) Related Resources for Parents
FLYER for Parents about accessing Practice Tests on ELPAC.org
ELPAC Assessment Fact Sheet for Parents (Printer Friendly)


A Parent Guide to Understand the ELPAC (Printer Friendly)
  Summative ELPAC Task Types
ALL ELPAC Resources for Parents 
A Guide to Understanding Initial ELPAC Scores for Parents
A Guide to Understanding Summative ELPAC Scores for Parents
English, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Vietnamese
35. Parent Resources
Academic Support/ Parent Engagement 
Handouts for parents to support and extend students learning at home.
36. Professional Development Resources
These can be used for trainings to view or discuss resources in this BPSD LL Toolkit.