Intra and Inter District Transfers


Intra District Transfer

An Intra District transfer/open enrollment is when parents/guardians wish to register/admit/enroll their student(s) at a school other than the designated school that is in their attendance area within their district.

Intra District Transfer Application

Please complete the transfer application to apply for another school within the Buena Park School District, that is not your school of residence. All Intra district transfer applications submitted during January 11 - February 11, 2021 will be treated with equal priority. Applications submitted after February 11 2021 will only be considered if space is still available at school, grade, and program requested.

Impacted schools (defined by schools that have higher enrollment than projected enrollment thus considered at full capacity) may not have additional spots for 2021-2022. See BPSD Board Policy, 5116.1 Students.

2021-2022 Intra District Transfer Forms NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! 

Inter District Transfer

The following information below provides details regarding BPSD's Inter District Transfers and Appeal process.
Education Code Section 46600 and Buena Park School District Governing Board Policy 5117 provide for a process to release students that reside in the Buena Park School District to another school district as approved under specific circumstances. Based on Board Policy and the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement Terms and Conditions, students may be released from the Buena Park School District for the following reasons:
• After considering the average daily attendance and fiscal concerns, the District’s limitation of the number of transfers out of the district, as set forth in Education Code Section 48307, has not been reached
• The District has not met the parent employment requirements as set forth in Education Code Section 48204(b)
• Substantial hardship which requires the student’s attendance in the requested district has been established
• A sibling is attending the requested district
• Student is in the 5th or 8th grade and requesting to attend a school in order to complete the final year with a promoting class
• The District does not offer the specific educational program requested in the transfer
Inter-district Transfer Appeal Process: When a parent/guardian’s request for an out of district transfer is denied, a written explanation for the denial will be provided to the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian may initiate an appeal of the Inter-District Transfer denial. All appeals shall be made in the sequence as follows after receipt of your Inter-District Transfer Decision
First Appeal (in writing): In writing within 10 days of initial denial  
• Call: (714) 522-8412 to notify of your intent to appeal or email us at if you would like to reach us via email.
• Parent must complete and submit BPSD Interdistrict Denial Appeal form to the District Appeals Committee for appeal review. The District Appeals Committee will make a recommendation to the BPSD Board of Education.
• Submit BPSD Interdistrict Denial Appeal Form within ten (10) calendar days to:
Attn: Dr. Elsie Briseno Simonovski, Ph.D.
         Director, Student & Community Services
         6885 Orangethorpe Avenue Buena Park, CA, 90620
Second Appeal with OCDE: Within 30 days of BPSD Board decision (Education Code §46601) • If you disagree with the BPSD Governing Board decision, you may initiate an appeal with the Orange County Department of Education by calling (714) 327- 1052 and ask for Lorena Rodriguez. Due to COVID-19 Executive Orders, please leave a message for Lorena Rodriguez within the thirty (30) calendar days from the date of this denial letter

Frequently Asked Questions on Inter & Intra District Transfer Requests


  • What is the difference between and Intra and an Inter District Transfer?
    • An Intra District transfer is a transfer within Buena Park School District from one school to another school. 
    • An Inter District transfer permit is a transfer from one school district to another school district.


  • What form do I need?
    • I want to transfer to another school within Buena Park School District: Intra District Transfer Request Form
    • I want to transfer out of Buena Park School District to another school district: Inter District Transfer Request Form
    • I want to transfer to Buena Park School District from another school district: Inter District Transfer Request Form.


  • I live outside of the BPSD attendance area.  How do I enroll in your district?
    • If you live in another school district attendance area and would like to attend one of our schools in BPSD, you will need to start the transfer process at the district office where you live.  Completed forms are turned in to your district for processing. Your resident district will review, approve, or deny the request. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to submit this completed form to the BPSD Office of Child Welfare & Attendance for review to approve or deny the request. CWA will notify you of the decision after your request goes to the Governing School Board.


  • How do I submit a 2021-2022 BPSD Intra District Transfer request form?
    • Once completed, transfer request forms can be submitted several different ways:
    • DURING the Priority Window (January 11, 2021 - February 11, 2021) forms must be submitted in Person: 6885 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620. The receptionist will time and date stamp your form upon receipt. 
    • AFTER the Priority Window (February 12, 2021 and beyond), parents may Scan and Email to: 
    • Please be sure that the form is filled out completely and print is legible.  We must be able to read your information or it can delay processing.
  • How is my transfer processed?
    • Once a request is received, it must be reviewed by district administration. The School Board makes the final decision on all transfer requests.  Processing times for incoming transfers vary depending on the time of year it is received. 
    • The Inter District transfer is a two-part process. BPSD first must release the student. If that permission is granted, the transfer is sent to the requested district. At that point, the final decision is up to the requested district.  They will contact you with their decision.                                                     


  • How will I know the status of my transfer request?
    • You will be notified via U.S. Mail once the transfer request is ratified by the BPSD School Board.
    • If you are requesting to transfer from BPSD to another school district, that school district will notify you once it is finalized on their end. 


  • How often do I need to submit a transfer request?
    • If you are attending a school in our district through an Inter district transfer, it must be renewed EVERY YEAR.  Inter District transfer requests are only good for the school year.
    • If you were approved and released from BPSD on an Inter District transfer, your transfer request must be renewed EVERY YEAR. Inter-district transfer requests to leave BPSD are only good for one school year.
  • Can my transfer request be revoked?
    • Inter District Attendance Transfer Agreement may be revoked for violation of state laws or district rules and regulations. Parents will be notified if a permit is recommended for revocation.
    • Inter district transfer students must comply with the following:
      1.  Student must maintain a satisfactory record of daily attendance. Repeated tardiness and unexcused absences may result in District revocation of this agreement.
      2. Student must maintain a satisfactory record of citizenship and behavior. 
      3. Student must maintain a satisfactory record of academic progress. Grades of less than average progress will be cause for student/parent/teacher/administrator review. It is expected that all students will complete daily assignments and homework as assigned in at least a satisfactory manner.
  • Do I have any options if my transfer request is denied?
    • A parent may appeal a school district’s decision regarding a request for Inter District transfer. See inter district appeals for more information.