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Fiscal Services

Sandra Poteet
Chief Financial Officer
Contact (714) 522-8412 Ext: 4263
The Buena Park School District’s Fiscal Services departments provide support services necessary to finance, maintain and operate all services and programs provided within the District. Department Directors ensure that timely and efficient services are provided to students, staff and the local community in each of the following departments:

Fiscal Services Department
The Fiscal Services Department’s primary functions include development and maintenance of the District’s $59 million General Fund budget; cost accounting and financial reporting for all District funds; contract and purchasing activities; accounts receivable and payable; risk management; and payroll processing.

Contact: Neelam Kakar Director (714) 522-8412 Ext. 4264
Child Nutrition Services

The Child Nutrition Department’s primary functions include: conducting the District’s universal breakfast program, the National School Lunch program; supporting community needs to administer free and reduced lunch application processing; and supporting health and wellness activities of the District. Annually, the Child Nutrition Department serves over one million meals to Buena Park students.

Contact: Katrina Butler (714) 522-8412 Ext: 4265