Operational Services

Mike Magboo
Chief Operations Officer
Maintenance and Operations

The Maintenance & Operations Department's primary functions include: ensuring the District’s 8 facilities are in good repair and serve to enhance the operations of the District’s instructional programs. The M & O department provides timely response to daily maintenance issues; conducts regular, deferred and long-term maintenance; and administers the District’s safety and facilities improvement programs.

Contact: Mike Anderson, Director Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations and Transportation (714) 522-8412 ext: 4294

Custodial Services & Security

The Custodial Services & Security Department’s primary functions include: daily cleaning of district classrooms, restrooms, offices and meeting areas and implementing and monitoring procedures/protocols to safeguard our students, staff, and campuses.

Contact: Luis Navarro, Custodial Supervisor & Security Coordinator (714) 522-8412 ext: 4271

Transportation Department

The Transportation Department’s primary functions include: providing Home-to-School transportation and activity trip transportation to students. Additionally, the Department provides for the mandatory inspections and fleet service maintenance for the District’s Type I and Type II buses. The District provides Home-to-School student transportation to five of the District’s seven school sites, transporting over 3,600 students per day.

Contact: Alfonso Perez, Assistant Director of Maintenance, & Operations and Transportation (714) 522-8412 ext: 4261