Educational Services

Contact: (714) 522-8412 ext 4243

Welcome to the Buena Park School District Educational Services Division! The goal of this division is to support schools in their efforts to provide students with a comprehensive standards-based curriculum. Our activities focus on meeting the needs of principals, teachers, students, and families in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and staff development. A major function of this department is the development, implementation, and evaluation of quality educational programs. The Educational Services Department consists of the Student and Family Programs Department, the Special Services Department, the Curriculum and instruction Department.  

Director of Educational Programs

Michelle Centeno

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Yvette Cantu

Director of Special Services

Lori Smock



  • LCAP
  • English Learners compliance (ELPAC Assessments, reclassification, monitoring, reports)
  •  Low Performing Students Block Grant
  • School Site Council
  • Parent committees



  • Title I, II, III, IV
  • Private School
  • SPSA
  • SARC
  • Summer School
  • Parent engagement


Coordinated Services

  •  Early Learning
  • ASES
  • Kid Connection
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Wellness
  • Study Trips
  • Bilingual Services Providers support
  • Budgets


Curriculum and Instruction


  • GATE
  • STEM/NGSS (Clark)
  • English Learners instruction (Choi)
  • Innovation Instruction (Noh)
  • Balanced literacy (Williamson)
  • Counselors
  • Professional development
  • BTSA
  • PAR Promotion and retention


Coordinated Services

  •  LCAP
  • Educational programs monitoring
  • Site leadership development
  • Student contests
  • Student teachers
  • Signature Programs: AVID, Cotsen

Special Education

  • Compliance
  • Legal Issues
  • Due Process
  • Federal/State Reports
  •  SEIS
  • SMAA
  • Staff Development
  • Extended School Year
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution


Pupil services

  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Compliance
  • Legal Issues
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • GRIP
  •  McKinney‐Vento
  • Foster Youth
  • School transfers


Health services

  • Immunizations
  • Vision and hearing
  • Medical Referrals
  • Staff Development