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Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth

Education Code section 48850(a)(1) states that it is the intent of the Legislature to ensure all students in foster care, have a meaningful opportunity to meet the challenging state academic achievement standards to which all students are held. Section 48850 states that in fulfilling their responsibilities to foster care children, educators, county placing agencies (e.g., probation and social services departments), care providers, advocates and the juvenile court shall work together to maintain stable school placements and to ensure that each student is placed in the least restrictive educational program and has access to the academic resources, services and extracurricular and enrichment activities that are available to all students.

The Buena Park School District Understands that when it comes to succeeding in school, foster children face unique challenges and obstacles beyond those face by even their most economically disadvantages non-foster peers. Buena Park School District strives to help our students face their unique challenges and obstacles in the school setting. 

Who is a foster youth?

- Any child who is subject to juvenile court, whether or not they have been removed from his/her home.

-Any child who is subject to juvenile court and has been placed in foster care under "suitable placement order."

Resources and services available to our students: 

In accordance with AB 490, the Office of Student and Community Services offered the following support to foster youth students and their schools. Below is a sample list of programs and/or services offered to our foster youth.

- before school / after school care 

- tutoring

- transportation (if eligible under school of origin and ESSA, following BID process) 

- field trips

- backpacks and school supplies 

- school spirit wear 

- school based mental health 

In addition, social emotional learning support staff and counselors provide on-going support to our foster youth enrolled at elementary and middle schools. Below are sample social emotional support systems for foster youth: 

- weekly support and check-in for students 

- linkage to school based mental health services 

- foster parent support (including, parent support group meetings (NEW) 

- linkage to community services and collaboration with outside agencies 

- case management support from Orange County Department of Education 

- educational counseling 

Foster youth have rights:

Every foster youth under the age of 18 must have an educational rights holder, who is required to make educational decisions in the youth's best interest. It is important to know your student's educational rights holder, you can contact your social worker or attorney. 

Foster youth also have the right to:

- remain in school of origin 

- immediate enrollment in school 

- school discipline rights

For questions or concerns regarding a foster youth, contact: 

Buena Park School District, Foster Youth Liaison 

Dr. Elsie Briseno Simonovski, Director 

Student and Community Services 

6885 Orangethorpe Avenue

Buena Park, CA 90620

(714) 736-4253 

Foster Youth Network Meetings Flyer 21-22

Foster Youth Rights (English) CA Dept of Ed

Foster Youth Rights (Spanish) CA Dept of Ed

Elsie Briseno Simonovski, Ph.D. 

Director, Student and Community Services 


(714) 736-4253