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Classroom Without Limits

Classroom Without Limits
The Buena Park School District developed a multi-year initiative called Classroom Without Limits (CWL) that focused on identifying technology changes that needed to occur within schools to enhance teacher instruction and student learning. Four technology shifts were identified including cloud-based technology and curriculum, personalized and student-centered learning, digital and internet accessibility and online collaboration/communication tools.
Today's classrooms looks much different than those in years past. To support CWL, the BPSD is in the final stage of modernizing each school site to equip both teachers and students with the tools they need to succeed. Each student in grades 4 - 8 are given an iPad for school use that they are able to take home to continue access to online curriculum, create/complete classwork and collaborate with fellow students. Wifi has been strengthened to support users and technology tools for teachers in the classroom has been upgraded or added. This includes the use of Apple TV, projector, LCD large-screen television, modern cabling options and more. Classrooms also include moveable, multi-functional furniture to encourage collaboration between students. 
Professional development for teachers is an important component to CWL. To support teachers in using these new technologies, an embedded coaching model was created to bring one-to-one coaching directly to the teacher and the classroom. This multi-session program gives teachers an opportunity to learn different ways to integrate technology into the curriculum and then provides hands-on support as the teacher implements what they have learned. In addition to embedded coaching, professional development opportunities are provided throughout the year.