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Student Devices

One-to-One Student iPads
Grades K - 8
As of the 2022-2023 school year, iPads are issued to all students in grades 3-8 to use both in the classroom and at home. Students are assigned an iPad at the start of the school year (or when they enter the school district). Students will be allowed to take their iPads home as long as the iPad Use Agreement and Responsible Use Policy have been signed. Outlined below are frequently asked questions about the program. Please contact your school site if you have further questions.
Do grades K-2 have iPads?
Students in grades K-2 will have access to classroom-based sets of iPads.  The decision to send K-2 students home with iPads is up to the school principal.

Why iPads? Why not another device?
Some factors that contributed to the decision were the ease of use, durability and repair record, extensive library of applications for educational settings, current prevalence of Apple products in the school system, access to professional development and user support, and Apple's extensive experience with large-scale deployment of devices in multiple districts around the country

Is there a cost?
No. There is no cost to students or families participating in the Classrooms Without Limits initiative, although students and families may be financially responsible for lost or damaged devices.
What will come with the iPad?
Students in K-5 will be issued a 32GB iPad, with a protective case, charging cable, and a pair of earbud-style headphones.
Students in 6-8 (Middle School) will be issued a 128GB iPad, with a protective case, charging cable, and a pair of earbud-style headphones.

My student already has an iPad or other device; can they use that instead?
No. In order to ensure students have access to the apps they need (and not to those that they shouldn’t be using at school) students must use school-issued iPads while at school.
Are external keyboards going to be issued with the iPads?
Each elementary school has external keyboards available to check out by the teacher for all K-5 students.  Middle School students have a keyboard embedded in the case.
Can we replace the cover issued with the iPad?
The covers included with the student iPads were carefully selected for durability and functionality. Alternative cases may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the BPSD Information Technology Department.
Will students be able to load apps, music, or video of their choice on their school-issued iPads?
No. To ensure that the device has enough storage space available for school-related files, apps, and content, only approved apps and files will be permitted on school-issued iPads. Students are not permitted to adjust/change settings at any time.
Will students still need textbooks, paper, pencils, and other school supplies?
Yes. While the iPad will replace many traditional tools, students will still be engaging in activities that require textbooks, paper, and pencils. We anticipate a classroom with less paper, not a paper-less classroom.
Will students keep the iPads during school breaks?
Students will be able to keep the iPad throughout the entire school year. Devices (including charging cord) will be collected at the end of the school year. (Students keep headphones to use for the following year.) At the start of the next school year, students will be re-issued the same iPad/cord.
What if I don’t want my child to take their iPad home?
We encourage all students to participate in the Classrooms Without Limits initiative fully, including taking their assigned devices home. However, parents who do not wish to have their students bring their iPad home should request an opt-out form. Those students will be required to store their iPads in their classrooms or other secure location on campus and check it in and out each day. Parents who opt out may choose at any time to opt in simply by requesting an iPad Use Agreement form.
Will students be able to access inappropriate websites?
We make every effort to protect students while they are accessing the internet. The Buena Park School District will be using a Mobile Device Management solution, which will direct all student iPad network traffic through a content filter, regardless of the wireless network the student is using.That said, it is possible that a student could access inappropriate material or websites. Please help us by monitoring your students' use of the internet while they are at home.
What will happen if my child uses their iPad inappropriately?
As with any other student behavior, students may face disciplinary consequences, including loss of privilege, detention, or suspension. These consequences may be assigned even if the inappropriate behavior occurred outside of school hours, as the iPad is school-issued property. Examples of inappropriate use of the iPad include, but are not limited to: accessing inappropriate content, attempting to install prohibited apps, cyberbullying, and mishandling the iPad.
Do we have to have internet access at home?
No. Students will be able complete homework assignments at home and turn in their work when they return to school the next day. However, while not required, internet access at home will assist students in conducting research and collaborating with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom. Free internet access is available at the Buena Park Library, the Orange County Public Library, and many local businesses. Some internet service providers offer reduced-cost internet service for families with at least one student participating in the federal free or reduced price lunch program. If you think you might qualify, contact your cable or phone service provider.
What if the iPad isn't charged?
It is important to bring the device fully charged each morning to class. Teachers will have limited, if any, charging cables in the classroom. Also, most outlets are placed in locations that may make it challenging for students to complete classroom work while charging the iPad at the same time. 

What if a student forgets to bring the iPad to school?
If students fail to bring their device to school, they are responsible for completing coursework as though they had their device with them, and may face disciplinary consequences, just as if they had forgotten a textbook or other necessary school supplies.
I’m concerned that my student will be targeted by thieves. Is the District taking steps to prevent this?
Yes. If an iPad is reported lost or stolen, the Mobile Device Management solution allows us to completely disable it once it connects to a wireless network, making it useless to thieves. We’re publicizing this information to deter theft. We are also communicating with the Buena Park Police Department and with local pawn shops to have them on the look-out for stolen devices. Additionally, students will be taught to keep their iPads in their backpacks or otherwise out of sight while traveling to and from school (especially those students who walk to/ from school) and to be careful as to where they leave their devices.
What happens if my student’s iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen?
Should an iPad be damaged, lost, or stolen, the student or parent/guardian must immediately notify the school administration. If an iPad is stolen, the student/guardian must file a police report within 48 hours. If the iPad is lost, stolen, or totally damaged as a result of irresponsible behavior, the parent may be responsible for the full replacement cost.

Will students be able to use the camera on the iPad?
At the present time, that functionality will be available only during class time and only by teacher request. We will continue to evaluate this policy over the course of the school year and may consider revising it.
Will parents and siblings be permitted to use the iPads issued to students?
Yes! The goal of Classrooms Without Limits is to provide opportunities for students to access information they may not have otherwise been able to, and that goal extends to out students’ families. But it is important to keep in mind that all users will be subject to the same restrictions as the student, regardless of age and the student will be responsible for any loss or damage to the device.