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CAASPP Practice & Training Tests

CAASPP provides online opportunities for students to become familiar with testing framework and gain experience in completing summative assessments. Offering both training and practice tests for SBAC, CAA, CSA and CAST, tests can be taken multiple times. Teachers may work through each practice problem as a whole class, have students practice in small groups or have students work individually. The key is to have students start working through practice questions, especially performance tasks, to build testing confidence. What's the difference between a practice and training test, the chart below shows the main differences.
Practice Tests Training Tests
  • Longer - replicate actual test
  • Arranged by grade level
  • Contain performance tasks
  • Contain all universal tools, support and accommodation features
  • Shorter in length - designed to get a feel for test including using universal tools
  • Arranged by grade band (3-5, 6-8)
  • No performance tasks
For more information click on Practice Testing Resources page for more information.